Jint is a scripting language for Java-based systems. Jint is meant to be an extension of Java (*) programming language geared towards scripting. (It is not quite so at the moment, but mostly because of bugs). Jint has such traditional scripting language features as "typeless" variables, regular expression support and interactive execution environment. It also has a number of other scripting-friendly features, such as variable number of arguments, syntax shortcuts, and switch statement for strings.

Jint used to mean Java Interpreter. It started as a simple interpreter for Java method calls, then for more general subset of java expressions, and then for the more general subset of Java programming language. It used to be implemented as an interpreter. At some point, though, it became clear that interpreter is too limited for Java environments, because it is almost impossible to do anything without subclassing which cannot be implemented very well by the interpreter. At that point Jint became compiled language. (It is compiled to JVM bytecodes, of course). It is still possible to compile a single statement to bytecode, load and execute it right away, so it still can behave as an "interpreter").

Unfortunately, I can give this project only minimal attention. I will try to fix bugs only if I have time (and I often don't). I will try to integrate bug fixes and improvements (if any), but only if the author explicitly agrees that once the fix is integrated I am free to do anything with it (including rights to redistribute, sell, license, modify or transfer all these rights to a third party).

(*) Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.